Sagesse Abundance


‘Sagesse’ is a French word meaning "(Traditional) Wisdom". Sagesse Abundance (to be pronounced as 'Suhszehs Abundance') believes wisdom is available in abundance. Mission of Sagesse Abundance is to help and enable enterprises to apply traditional wisdom to solve modern business problems.


Sagesse Abundance believes enterprises and entrepreneurs must constantly review their Strategies, Technologies, particularly IT and must embark on transformation through Learning & Knowledge and Organization Development is critical not only for success, growth and sustenance  but also for survival.


Sagesse Abundance helps enterprises, particularly Small and Medium businesses and Startups, with its services through Strategy Consulting, IT Consulting, Learning & Knowledge for Organizational Development.

Here is why Sagessage Abundance believes its purpose is to help enterprises in "Strategy", "Technology" and "Learning & Knowledge" areas.

Enterprise Strategy & Management

Management practices are rediscovered by every generation. Global competition dictates and compels enterprises, entrepreneurs and management professionals to find newer management practices.

Technology that disrupts everyone

While technological inventions disrupt businesses, it also advances  by offering plethora of  benefits and opportunities. It is very important for  constant review of technological inventions and advances  in the light of every enterprise context and seize the opportunity to  advance the enterprise to the next level with innovations.


L & K and Organization Development

Constant learning and unlearning are imperative. They simultaneously demand enterprise transformation, which along with geopolitical dynamics of world regions compels every business to reinvent itself to survive and grow.


Startups & Budding Enterprises


If well established enterprises need certain method, process and management control to monitor their strategy outcome, startups need totally different approach to this. Startup success can be ensured with review and support of someone who perceives Startup situations and thinks outside the box.