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Strategy & Management Consulting

Strategy is brain and Management is nervous system of any business enterprise. In the past where world events and life events were fairly stable and predictable. But in the VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) world, changes are fast and such changes are not obvious. Besides enterprise strong strategic leadership, there is a need for external consulting help, particularly for small and medium enterprises & startups.

Sagesse Abundance, through its strategy & management consulting,  helps enterprises and such consulting projects are around -

Evolving Business Strategies

Business strategies require constant review and evaluation for quick adaptation for ongoing environmental dynamics

Strategy Execution Support

Executing the strategies are equally important as much as evolving a break through strategy

Employee Engagement & Performance

Do you know how leadership of an enterprise is linked with organizational climate that drives employees' performance?

Startup Advisory

Startup success is never guaranteed. But still certain Startups are achieving huge success. How?

Business Modeling

Businesses constantly demand help from technologies to manage emerging challenges and new technologies offer businesses to evolve new business models

Enterprise Value enabling

Constantly working on review and reorganization of organizational assets and portfolio is critical need for enahncing the enterpriese value

Enterprise Purpose Discovery

In the course of day to day management process, often enterprises misplaces its purpose

Enterprise Growth Management

Every stages of growth different management approaches are needed for different enterprises simultaneously coping with changing business environment

Due Diligence & Business Valuation

In the era of mergers and acquisitions, valuation is a perception. Getting right value that matches the expectations of all party require differentiated investigation and valuation with due deligence

Process Reengineering

Digital transformation require careful study of various business processes and how to integrate all of them seamlessly for exceptional customer experience and employee engagement. If not properly done, enterprise end up automating inefficiency

Profitability Management & Cost Takeout

With constant price pressure and innovative sales and revenue model by competition, profitability management and cost take out is an art

Sales & Revenue Modeling

Traditional sales and revenue models are getting replaced by innovative new models. In past couple of decades, the business that are successful have always offered differentiated consumption model and managed revenue in an indrict ways